Chamber Of Commerce Solutions

Chamber of Commerce Solutions

Many Chamber of Commerce struggles are around:  “What benefits are we offering our Chamber Members?”

Click on these links below which are also in the menu header at the top of all pages to:

1) Give Chamber Members benefits and grow your membership base:  Click here  increase-membership-by-free-corporate-web-ads

2) Give Chamber Members Free Web Full Page Ads For them to customize as often as desired: web-full-page-ads

3) How it Works –  This Web Advertising System, you control, and give web full page ads to your members free, give out free white pages to all the world and charge non-members for web full page ads :  how-it-works

4) Bizness Inc. helps add 3 simple links to your existing home page  a)  Web Directory Link going to a list of all firms on this advertising system, b)  Sign Up Link for the Web Full Page Ads and c)  Sign Up Link for the Free White Page Listing.  Free White Page listing is about 10% of the advertising system that you give out free to all and then with your monthly newsletters, you let them upgrade to the Full Page Web Ads with links in the newsletters.  You set the text in the monthly newsletters in your Administration System which gets sent out monthly automatically:  your-web-directory-holds-links-to-all-the-web-full-page-ads

5)  You Set the Pricing Model.  You can give each chamber member a free web full page advertising account to let them set up their web full page (with youtube video help for them) and then you can offer this advertising service to non-members for some monthly (with optional yearly) rate for some amount you set in your Bizness Chamber Solution’s main administration system.  This system collects amounts from non member credit cards and dumps that money into you bank account (the bank account you want at set up time).  The Free White Page Listing web accounts are about 10% of the Web Full Page Ad accounts and can clients on that system can upgrade to a Web Full Page Ad account thus generating more revenue for you:   you-decide-on-the-pricing-structure-as-monthly-or-yearly-payments-go-into-your-bank-account

6)  Who is Bizness Inc.?  For over 20 years we have been satisfying clients. For examples of this Chamber Advertising System, click on these links for a sample of what is included:  a) (clicking on the web directory link, and do a search and clicking on the links in the search results)  b) click here for more information on this Chamber of Commerce Solution and the web ads you give to your chamber members or non chamber members:

Other organizations use this advertising system in different ways. You can click on this link:   to view this Advertising System in action for a firm that wanted to provide Web Full Page Ads for all its clients.  You can click on this link: to view this Advertising System (in a small scale) for a Christian Ministry Directory providing a service for all Christian ministries.

If you view these prior links you see you can do a search and find the paying clients in the system and then click on the link in the grid to go to their web full page ad.   You can also click on the Directory link on both of these prior 2 links to see a Web Directory that can be sorted Alphabetically or by Industry Group.  These Web directories have all the links to the Web Full Page Ads and since this is all dynamic html based on each client’s free customization, the major search engines can crawl all these especially the client full page ads that can have multiple links to their corporate web sites and up to 7 optional social media links to their social media sites.

Here is some more info about Bizness Inc.



Corporate Background


Bizness Inc was incorporated in 1994. In the mid to late 90s it did Y2K contract work and all its clients successfully migrated to year 2000 without any problems. In the late 90s, the President started taking the company into the web world and making it a leading edge firm staying on top of the latest web technologies.

Bizness Inc has world class software and allows its products to be purchased in modules for clients to use only what they need. Bizness Inc. designs its systems for international use with help, screen text and combo box drop down text to be stored in the database for new languages to be easily incorporated. Bizness Inc. added Archiving to all systems as well as an Interface to External Accounting Systems. Bizness Inc. uses all the latest security in all their systems to protect corporate data and block intruders as well as SSL and credible E-Merchant Gateways for secure credit card authorizations and transactions with automatic back end mail and alert systems.


We design end to end web solutions from database design, web code programmed for SEO, ASP.NET Code writing and deployment, ticket Support to test new systems and  going live, web advertising for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve  web site search rankings. Click on this Contract Work link for list of specific skill sets and topics we can help you out with.


Besides this amazing Chamber of Commerce Web Advertising System, we have systems you can view on domains like: (Auto posting to your WordPress Blog Sites in 1 blog click, even auto post to your FaceBook and Twitter Accounts), (E-Commerce software), (Web Reporting), (web invoicing for you to receive automatic Recurring Payments through your clients credit card/PayPal account) were added along with new customers using these software systems designed by Bizness Inc. Bizness Inc. also designed an Online Donation Management System with Event Management/Online Attendee Registrations to track donations and events that are scheduled on the web for the public to view or sign up for.

Call Bizness Inc 800-717-9208 for more information or email us at . You can also visit our home site at:



Bizness Inc. has an office in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and in Ontario, Canada. Head office is in Atlanta and its mailing address is at the top of this page. The Canadian office is located 1/2 an hour outside of Toronto, Ontario