How It Works

Chamber Of Commerce Solutions – Details of How It All Fits Together

On your current Chamber of Commerce home page you simple add a few new links.  Bizness Inc would help you in this to add the ‘Web Directory’ link to your home page as well as the ‘Web Full Page Ad’ link and the ‘Free White Page Ad’ link.

These links go to part of your web site that has an SSL Certificate installed on it for secure web transactions.  The SSL certificate that Bizness Inc. helps you buy at discounted rates, would be installed on a new domain (domain you select such as your organizations name with the word Directory at the end tied to your main website for no additional charge) so there is minimal change or impact to your existing main website.  Along with the SSL certificate on this new domain, the Chamber Web Software Solution as well as 12 web pages would be installed on this new domain (that is linked several times off your main site’s home page).  The 12 web pages would be similar to this template one (click on  except with your background colors, your logo, your footer captions and your email links so that this totally looks like your application.  The customization of these 12 web pages is included in the set up that Bizness Inc. performs for you after you email them the logos and footer captions and contact email ids you want.  As mentioned, the Chamber Web Advertising system runs on the domain directory you choose so Bizness Inc. can set this up for you with no extra load on your IT department.  This domain directory has all the sign up pages (free white page sign ups and web full page sign ups)  including tons of information to help any business sign up on your Chamber Web Directory and get their free web advertising account emailed to them so their web full page ad can be up and running in 1 business day.

You can charge non members any recurring amount you want and even given them a 30 day free trial period before the system automatically bills their credit or debit card.  You can email out links to any firm with a promo code in the email link that gives them the free trial period when they click on the email link and sign up.  You can set the trial period to zero days so automatic billing of their credit card would start the day after they sign up for the web full page ads.

Bizness Inc would set you up on a small Cloud Hosting Package for most sized Chambers and then upgrade to a large cloud server seamlessly if you are a large Chamber that is really growing.  The interface to the checking account you choose is done through an E-Merchant Gateway called which has been proven secure for hundreds of thousands of firms over the last decade.  Bizness Inc would help set up your own private E-Merchant Gateway that takes the recurring credit or debit card payments from clients and dumps them into the checking account you want.  This E-Merchant Gateway first settles the transactions, (allowing you to void out any transaction you want) and also gives you a virtual terminal allowing you to take payments over the phone for anything to do with your Chamber not just this Advertising system.

In the set up of the Chamber of Commerce web advertising software solution, Bizness Inc helps you choose the pricing structure and client payments go into your bank account on a recurring basis either monthly or yearly depending on their choice.  You can change this pricing as you test the market out in your pilot launch.  Client payments are usually from non Members if you give a free web full page ad advertising account to your members only.

You have a full advertising system administration system to view everything.  Login to your private Administration System has dual passwords and is all secured under the SSL certificate.  Your private Administration system lets you confirm new White Page Sign ups, view and print reports make changes to any web full page ad, as well as do all the functions that your client’s web advertising system can do.

Click on these links for a sample of what is included: a) (clicking on the web directory and doing searches and clicking on the links in the search results) and b) for more information

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