Chamber Member Benefits! Grow Your Membership!

Many Chamber of Commerce struggles are around:  “What benefits are we offering our Chamber Members?”

Click on these links below which are also in the menu header at the top of all pages to:

1) Give Chamber Members benefits and grow your membership base:  Click here  increase-membership-by-free-corporate-web-ads

2) Give Chamber Members Free Web Full Page Ads For them to customize as often as desired: web-full-page-ads

3) How it Works –  This Web Advertising System, you control, and give out to your members free and charge non-members based on any pricing model:  how-it-works

4) Bizness Inc. helps add 3 simple links to your existing home page  a)  Web Directory Link going to a list of all firms on your advertising system, b)  Sign Up Link for the Web Full Page Ads and c)  Sign Up Link for the Free White Page Listing for any business in the country.  Free White Page listing is 10% of the system you give out free to all and then with your monthly newsletters you let them upgrade to the Full Page Web Ads.  You set the text in the monthly newsletters in your Administration System which gets automatically emailed out each month:  your-web-directory-holds-links-to-all-the-web-full-page-ads

5)  You Set the Pricing Model.  You can give each chamber member a free web full page advertising account to let them set up their web full page (with youtube video help for them) and then you can offer this advertising service to non-members for some monthly (with yearly optional rate) for some amount and the system collects that off their credit card and dumps it into your bank account you choose when setting up this system through a secure proven EMerchant Gateway like  The Free White Page listing accounts could upgrade to a full page account thus generating more revenue for you:   you-decide-on-the-pricing-structure-as-monthly-or-yearly-payments-go-into-your-bank-account