Increase Membership By Free Corporate Web Ads

Chamber of Commerce Solutions – Increase Your Membership

Many Chambers are struggling with the question of how to increase membership.  It is time to give members some benefits with a system they control to advertise and promote their products and services with as many changes as they want at not cost.  No Cost means unlimited clicks and no charge for to Members for their free web advertising account to edit their free web full page ad.

You could offer the skeptics (non Members) a Free White Page web account that gives them a link off your Web Directory and gives them 100 characters of an Ad Caption.  In the automated monthly newsletters you give these free white page listing accounts a link to upgrade to a web full page ad account thus charging the monthly or yearly rate you choose.  Click on this Web Full Page Ad link to see all the extra advertising features that is included in that web advertising account.

Web Full Page Web Ad edits are done by the client themselves (excellent youtube video help) to customize their ad as often as desired.  Free White Page Ad client edits and Web Full Page Ad client edits go up live within 1 business day, with a link displayed on your Business Directory in html format so all the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can find.

It is time to offer Chamber Members some great benefits.  With good advertising just one or a few new leads or sales per year from these ads you are giving them could pay for their yearly membership dues as well as build more sales for the future.

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