You Decide On The Pricing Structure as Payments Go Into Your Bank Account

Chamber Of Commerce Solutions – Firms can pay you for hosting their web full page ads

Bizness Inc’s Web Advertising System for Chamber of Commerce’s is flexible for each Chamber of Commerce to set up the pricing structure that meets your needs.

You could decide to give a Free Web Full Page Ad (and free advertising account) to all your Chamber Members and then set up a $10 or $20/month fee for Non Members (maybe a $99 or $199 yearly fee for Non Members).  Non Members would pay by credit card ant recurring payments from them would automatically dump into your account through an E-Merchant interface called which Bizness Inc helps you set up to the checking account you choose.

You can give out a free service called FREE WHITE PAGES to anyone allowing them only a free advertising caption with their free advertising account.  Then in your monthly newsletters you would give them a link to upgrade their FREE WHITE PAGE ACCOUNT to a WEB FULL PAGE Account to give them a customizable web full page ad that they would pay you for on a monthly or yearly basis.

The Web Directory shows each customizable Ad Caption with hyperlinks to all client’s Web Full Page Ads.  The Web Directory shows the 100 character customizable Ad Caption for the Free White Page account but links only to their web site since they don’t have a Web Full Page Ad yet (your automated monthly newsletters encourage them to upgrade to a Web Full Page Ad Account at the price you set).

This Advertising System From Bizness Inc. refreshes your Web Directory nightly to dynamically show who is now on the Web Directory with Ad Captions to get the viewers interested in reading more.  Free White Page Accounts are policed by you in the main Administration system so that you don’t allow teenager web sites but only business web sites to sign up.

Bizness Inc has been designing web systems for over a decade with links to E-Merchant Gateways for credit card payments that go from clients to your bank account.  These financial transactions are secure since you buy an SSL certificate(installed by Bizness Inc.) for your web site to scramble ad encrypt all payment information.  You and the client are emailed on each transaction and you have a full web administration system to track everything from anyplace you are on the internet.

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