Your Web Directory Holds Links To All The Web Full Page Ads

Chamber of Commerce Solutions – Your Web Directory Has Links to Html Web Full Page Ads That Search Engines Can Find

When you purchase this system from Bizness Inc, they help you add the words ‘WEB DIRECTORY’ to your home page with a link to the Dynamic Web Directory that can be sorted Alphabetically or by Industry Category.

This Web Directory has hyperlinks of all your Chamber Members to their Web Full Page Ads.  This directory also contains all Non-Chamber Members who are paying you for this advertising service.  This Advertising System From Bizness Inc refreshes Your Web Directory nightly to dynamically show who is now on the list with Ad captions to get the viewers interested in reading more.

Bizness Inc has been designing web systems for over a decade with links to E-Merchant Gateways for credit card payments that go from clients to your bank account.  This links are secure since you but an SSL certificate for your web site to scramble and encrypt all payment information as it is sent in the sign up process as well as all other transactions.  You and the client are emailed on each transaction and you have a full web administration system to track everything with html reports you can print locally as well as looking at new white page sign ups to verify they are a legitimate business and not some teenager web site.

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