Web Full Page Ad

Chamber Of Commerce Solutions – Web Full Page Ads for your Members and non Members

Each Web Full Page Ad links to their web site in many different ways.  The Web Full Page Ad has SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the search engines.  This SEO means keywords are in the URL link of the web full page ad, as well has h1 headers and keyword that link right to the clients site.  Each client after the sign up process gets their own private secure web advertising account to edit their Web Full Page as often as desired with no extra charges for their edits and unlimited clicks. No click charges are awesome as unlimited clicks means thousands of people can click on their ad and there are no extra charges to them for that!   Edits go up the next business day on the Web Directory as well as in their Web Full Page Ad.  The ad is all dynamic html built by the customer’s choices in their free web advertising system.  Links for their free web advertising account gets automatically emailed to them when they sign up.  There are youtube video help links to help the untechnical people.

Each web full page ad comes with:  100 Characters of a header, 100 characters of an Ad Caption, 500 Characters to describe their services, benefits, products or solutions, 50 characters of keywords, 2 pictures they can add, plus up to 7 optional social media links they can add like FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Blog Site, Pinterest, Instagram and even a Corporate LinkedIn link.

The Web Full Page Ad is an html the major search engines can pick up and display.  This should be VERY EXCITING for MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS of your chamber.

Email us at info@biznessinc.com . You can also visit our home site at: www.biznesstechnologies.com